XMG Pool-Mining with Raspberry PI

So I started mining XMG a while ago, but it is difficult to know what to do, when you are new to all this crypto stuff. So here are my finding for pool mining.

So I looked for available pools and found this great Website https://poolinfo.systms.org/ , that list all/most XMG Pools available. At the time of my experiments and writing this post there were only 12 different pools shown. Where the Hashing Rate of the pools varied between 0,36 MH/s and 40 MH/s, so which pool to choose? Different payout methods, cost and other minute differences.

Well since I like to test things, I setup two identical Raspberry PI’s 3 with raspbian stretch and compiled the miner as described in the article https://www.novaspirit.com/2017/10/19/crypto-mining-sbc/, and then I mined with each raspberry on a different pool, one with about 2 MH/s and one 30 MH/s.

The two pools were Trasmamod (~ 2 MH/s) and MinerClaim(~ 30 MH/s) . Here is the result of the week of mining.

Pool Reward Comparecompare

The outcome surprised me, since MinerClaim is finding Block much fast and more frequent as Trasmamod, but since the payout of rewards also considers the hashing power it makes sense. Trasmamod needed 3 – 4 days to rake in more rewards than MinerClaim. The payout fees should also be considered.
In this case Trasmamod has also the lower payout fee, so this would push this pool even further into the lead(by 0,04 XMG).

So the result of my experiment was, less found block’s doesn’t mean less reward. Here the graphs from the pools, just to see how the Network hashrate might affect the rewards.



Finally, what everybody wants to know, the rewards gained in the week where ~ 0,153926 XMG (without the transaction fees).  Six Raspberry PI’s in the same time period produced almost 1 XMG.

The setup used is not the best, BUT both raspberry PI’s where setup identical so for this small test, this setup should be sufficient.

The Journey Begins

…well the default Post from WordPress is pretty fitting, although the journey began some weeks ago, and I will not be covering every step of the way.

Nevertheless I will be posting in this BLOG, info/findings/”stuff” that I saw, found out, encountered, hated and/or enjoyed in my JOURNEY into crypto.

I hope with the time that my post become more knowledgeable or even may be helpful for others trying to find there way in this new “gold-rush-era”.

Happy-Reading / Prospecting / Mining / Minting